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trogdoranderr's Journal

trogdor and err incorporated
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hi! this is where trogdor (scapula) and err (jessicastars) post our literati scores and make fun of each other. we are hoping that this will help our friends to understand our ridiculous inside jokes so that we don't look dumb all of the time. we love you.


<3 trogdor&err
100 point score differences, a boy from england, aqua teen hunger force, bingo bonuses, crispy new freestyle, fat 12 year old rappers, hate is my rocketship, homestarrunner dot com, laughing, literati, not college, our-god-is-a-god-of-terror, rap rock 2the max, really long phonecalls, rocker boys are the best, spankings with moonrocks, strizzoke in my brizzain, total and complete burnination, trogdor loses at literati, vengeance!, we really like literati, your mom